J Valenzuela Didi is an award-winning Brisbane artist, specialising in contemporary paintings.  The artworks of J.V Didi depict a solitary universe where signposts of civilization are confronted by the intangibility of time.  Drawing inspiration for his figurative paintings from family photos, life-drawings, road trips and magazine clippings, he manually or digitally collages, manipulates, and reworks these sources into fluid scenes. These preliminary sketches are used as references for artworks in paint, a medium that allows him to develop and enrich his original concepts.

Through this methodology, J.V draws on the emergence of patterns and geometric shapes. As an artist he endeavours to reduce his work to these base elements.

This method of deconstructing and rebuilding an image creates works that reveal the beautiful and abstract characteristics of commonplace objects. Stylistically bridging the divide between urban realism, pop art and modernism, the artworks pivot on mathematical relationships, cinematic structuring and spatial sensibility to form intentionally ambiguous, thought-provoking narratives.

At its core, the artworks are sublime, sombre examinations of the everyday - conversation pieces that both echo and question our modern reality.

He was the winner of best of show in the prestigious Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular 2015, awarded second place in the Border Art Prize 2015 and in 2011 won the highly commended award in the Publishers Cup Art Prize. He has been selected as a finalist in several renowned art prizes including the Gold Coast Art Prize, Black Swan Prize, Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Moreton Bay Art Award, Rotary Art Spectacular, Redland Art Award, Clayton Utz Art Award, Lethbridge 10000, the Publishers Cup Prize, and was a selected artist for the 2010 BARI festival. J Valenzuela Didi is represented by Lethbridge Gallery in Queensland and Traffic Jam Galleries in New South Wales.